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Impact Resistance of Orfitrans PETG

Bubble Forming an Inner Socket with Orfitrans Medium Soft Protect

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A Video Guide to the Bubble-Forming Method Using Orfitrans
How to pull the perfect prosthetic sockets and liners
The bubble-forming method (or vacuum-forming method) is a great technique for pulling crystal clear check sockets as well as smooth prosthetic liners. In this step-by-step video guide, we show you the basic bubble-forming process for an effective prosthetic socket/liner. From the preparation of the positive mould to the actual bubble-forming.
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High-Temperature Orthoses: A Practical Guide
Drape forming long-term orthoses with Orfitrans Excel
High-temperature orthoses offer long-term support for patients with chronic or permanent conditions. Read our drape forming tips for long-lasting orthoses that offer reliable stability and optimal comfort.
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